micro coaxial cable

KEL USL 0.4mm pitch connector for micro coaxial cable


▶Compact connector with a low profile of 1.0 mm(0.039’’) and a mating width of 5.6 mm(0.220’’).

▶For micro coaxial cable(#42 AWG).

▶IDC of contacts all together is adopted for improved connection reliability and more compact connectors.

▶Equipped with a metal shell, noise reduction and product strength are ensured.

▶Multiple ground terminals are provided for enhanced transmission characteristics and EMS protection.

▶Highly reliable design with effective mating length of


*Specially designed withdrawal jig is available.

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USL00 Series

TypeUSL00Receptacle (PCB side connector)

Number of contacts2020 pin 3030 pin 40:40pin

Contact taill styleL Right angle

Number of packagingA500pcs. per reel B:1,000pcs. per reel C3,000pcs. per reel

USL20 Series

TypeUSL20 Plug (Cable side connector)

Number of contacts2020 pin 3030 pin 4040 pin

Cable exit styleS Straight

重量5 公斤
尺寸20 × 15 × 10 厘米
Insulator material

Glass-filled LCP(UL94V-0),Black

Contact material

Copper alloy

Contact plating

Gold over Nickel

Shell material

Copper alloy

Shell plating

Tin copper over Nickel

IDC cover material

[USL20] Glass-filled LCP(UL94V-0),White

Current rating

0.25A per contact

Contact resistance

100mΩ max.

Dielectric withstanding voltage

200V AC for 1minute

Insutulation resistance

100MΩ min.at 250V DC

Operating temperature

-40℃ to +85℃