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LVDS Cable other Materials

Other materials
Heat shrinkable sleeve
UV adhesive
3m glue
A heat shrinkable casing fabrication
Casing: heat-shrinkable casing is a special polyolefin material, heat-shrinkable casing is also called EVA material
Heat shrinkable sleeve is a kind of heat shrinkable packing material, which is soft and elastic. When heated (70-90 degrees) , it contracts
The main materials of heat shrinkable pipes are plastics, including PVC
ABS, Eva, PET and so on
A heat shrinkable casing characteristics
The Heat shrinkable sleeve function uses the electronic, the electrical appliance, the battery and so on packing insulation function generally
By using hot air blower (hair dryer, hot air blower, heat shrinkable machine) can make it compact, play insulation, protection and other functions
Widely used in all kinds of wiring harness, solder joints, inductance insulation protection, metal pipes, bars of rust, corrosion
A picture of heat shrinkable casing

picture of heat shrinkable casing

B UV adhesive production
UV glue: called shadowless glue, also known as photosensitive glue, UV light-solid
Chemical adhesive, shadowless adhesive is a kind of adhesive that can be cured by UV light, it can be used as adhesive, also can be used as paint, paint, ink, etc.
The curing principle of shadowless adhesive is that the photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) in UV-curing material produces active free radicals or cations after absorbing UV light under the irradiation of UV light, and initiates monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reaction, make the adhesive in seconds
In the clock from the liquid state to the solid state finishing courseware.
B UV adhesive properties of the application
UV adhesive: general-purpose products for a wide range of plastic and a variety of materials
The adhesive strength is high, through the test of destruction test can achieve plastic body rupture without degumming, UV adhesive can be several seconds, positioning, one minute to achieve the highest strength, greatly improve the efficiency of work, completely transparent after curing, the product does not turn yellow for a long time, does not whiten; Compared with the traditional instant adhesive bonding, with ring resistance, non-whitening, good flexibility and so on

Common applications:
Craft glass products, glass furniture, electronic scale bonding, crystal jewelry craft products, etc.
Electrical and electronic appliances: coil wire terminals, connectors, and other fixed and components
The bonding, printed circuit board integrated finishing electrical courseware circuit block bonding, etc. 55

B UV film pictures


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