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HDMI Cable

What is HDMI cable?

   The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an all-digital video and sound delivery Interface that sends uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, televisions, game consoles, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and television equipment. HDMI can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously, which greatly simplifies the installation of the system lines because the audio and video signals are made of the same wire.

What are the interface types of HDMI cable?

HDMI connector

The HDMI specification specifies four HDMI interfaces, which are:


For HDMI version 1.0, there are 19 pin, 4.45 mm × 13.9 mm, the most common HDMI connector specification, and point-to-point for DVI Single-Link transmission. Prior to HDMI 1.2A, the maximum transmission capacity was 165MHz TMDS, so the maximum transmission specification was 1600 × 1200(TMDS 162.0 mhz) .


For HDMI version 1.0,4.45 mm × 21.2 mm with a total of 29 pins, capable of transmitting twice the amount of TMDS data for HDMI a type, and phase-to-point for DVI Dual-Link transmission for high resolution transmission (WQXGA 2560 × 1600 or higher) . Since the HDMI a type is only transmitted by Single-Link TMDS, to transmit an HDMI B type signal, it would have to be twice as efficient, resulting in TMDS TX and RX frequencies having to be increased to above 270 mhz. Before the advent of HDMI 1.3 IC, most TMDS TX, RX on the market can only be stable in 165 mhz below the work. Such interfaces are not applied to any product.


Mini-hdmi, commonly known as mini-HDMI for HDMI version 1.3, has a total of 19 pins, which can be said to be a scaled-down version of the HDMI a type. The size is 2.42 mm × 10.42 mm, but the pin definition has been changed. Mainly used in portable devices, such as DV, digital cameras, portable multimedia players. Due to size limitations, some graphics cards will use mini-HDMI. Users will have to switch to a standard-size Type a adapter to reconnect the display.


For HDMI version 1.4, there are 19 pins, 2.8 mm × 6.4 mm, but the pin definition has been changed. The new Micro HDMI interface will be about 50% smaller than the 19-pin MINI HDMI version, offering up to 1080p resolution and up to 5GB of transfer speed for cameras, mobile phones and other portable devices.




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