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Micro coaxial Cable Assembly

1) the basic structure of coaxial line

With a multi-layer structure, the central conductor is wrapped with an insulating layer, the outer conductor and the outer covered cable are called coaxial line. The outer conductor of coaxial cable plays the role of electromagnetic shielding, the electrical signal transmitted through the central conductor is not easy to be affected by the external electromagnetic wave (electromagnetic noise) .

eDP Cable Assembly

EDP (Embedded DisplayPort) : an internal digital interface based on the DisplayPort architecture and protocol. Suitable for tablets, laptops, all-in-one machines, the future of the new large-screen high-resolution mobile phones, the future will replace LVDS.

EDP is an interface based on DP architecture and protocol, which is designed to replace the existing LVDS interface. 

LVDS Cable Assembly

LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) is a Low amplitude Differential Signaling technology. It uses a very low amplitude signal (about 350 mv) to transmit data over a pair of differential PCB wiring or balancing cables. It can transmit serial data at speeds of up to thonds of Mbps. Because the voltage signal amplitude is low and is driven by constant current source mode, it only produces very low noise and consumes very little power. In addition, LVDS are not susceptible to common-mode noise because they transmit data in a differential manner.

RF cable

RF cable assembly

HD RF line is a kind of video line, it is not only the outer layer of insulation, but also anti-electromagnetic interference, transmission of the signal stability, will not be outside interference clutter.

Production Line

production line
production line1

production capacity

production line3

It presently has greater than 2,000 square feet of production facilities as well as greater than 110 employees. There
are 2 automated miniature coaxial cable production line, 5 semi-automatic cord assembly lines, 1 assemblyline, 3 automated terminals, 12 hands-on terminals, 6 stripping terminals, and 8 cord testing devices. 8 molding equipments; and so on. This capability enables us to satisfy very large manufacturing quantities and also deliver products to all customers on schedule.

production line4


Shenzhen Sino-Media Technology Co., Ltd. was developed in 2009 as well as is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a brand-new electronic maker focusing on the R&D, design, manufacture as well as sales of electronic cable harnesses/cable settings up.
Sino-Media is mainly taken part in mini coaxial cable, lvds cords, edp cable televisions, cable harness cable television elements, as well as offers OEM&ODM personalized products according to the requirements of consumer R&D tasks. It has solid manufacturing capacity, abundant human resources, advanced processing equipment and also professional enterprise management.

Service introduction:

Shenzhen Sino-Media Technology Co., Ltd. was created in 2009 along with is located in Shenzhen, China. It is a brand-new digital maker focusing on the R&D, layout, manufacture as well as sales of electronic wire harnesses/cable settings up.
Sino-Media is generally participated in small coaxial cable, lvds cords, edp cable, cable television harness cable tv aspects, along with deals OEM&ODM customized items according to the needs of consumer R&D jobs. It has solid manufacturing ability, bountiful personnels, progressed processing devices and likewise professional enterprise administration.